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We are the perfect tree surgeons for you if you live in Wheaton and require tree services. We have the expertise, skills, and experience necessary to care for trees, and our teams have been providing tree and shrub care for years, so we understand what each tree requires. We also handle a lot of public works in Wheaton, which is why our reputation has risen so quickly. Please know that we are licensed to work in Wheaton, so let us take care of your landscaping and tree care by first assessing the trees and then recommending the best options for you moving ahead.

Our tree services include routine care that aids in the tree’s healthy and optimal growth. We provide tree and shrub care in Wheaton, assisting homeowners in creating attractive environmental settings. As tree physicians, we recognize that various trees have distinct requirements. As a result, we tailor our services to meet a variety of specific requirements. This tree doctor business is state-licensed, follows the tree service Wheaton environmental conservation legislation, and only hires the best tree surgeons and arborists to conduct the task.

Management, removal, assessment, and prevention are all services we provide. Give us a call at (630)534-9202 for additional information, and we’d be pleased to come out and inspect your trees. We are pest and disease management professionals who employ an integrated strategy. The maintenance process does not begin with infection, but rather with the implementation of healthy and successful cultural norms. This involves tree cutting, pruning, and making sure that the soil conditions are ideal for plant development. For further information about your plants and trees, please see a tree surgeon.

We also conduct periodic inspections to avoid pest infestation or spot them early. While contemporary tree surgeon techniques for dealing with pests and illnesses are necessary, we also utilize natural alternatives on occasion, especially when an infection occurs early enough and does not spread far. Pests wreak havoc on trees’ leaves, roots, blossoms, branches, fruits, and stems. Winter moths, ambrosia beetles, spider mites, weevils, scale insects, and the emerald ash borer are the most prevalent pests that require tree surgeon assistance.

Bacteria, fungus, and environmental variables such as air pollution and significant weather fluctuations cause tree illnesses. Dutch elm disease, anthracnose, aspen canker/bleeding cancer, crown rot, powdery mildew, leaf spot infections, bacterial leaf scorch, and needle cast are all common tree diseases in Wheaton. We recognize that trees play a significant role in the overall design of your environment. We will correctly assist you in handling all tree care and maintenance activities as a licensed firm. We also provide homeowners with all of the information they require to properly care for a tree under their care.

Whether you’re a novice gardener or a seasoned pro, care for trees necessitates the appropriate expertise. To guarantee that the trees on your property are healthy, you must keep yourself up to date on current management procedures. Tree care begins while they are young, and it is imperative that they have correct tree bracing as they mature. Our tree specialists and arborists always advise our customers to begin by learning the fundamentals of tree planting. We are among the top tree surgeons in Wheaton, and the surrounding areas, assisting you with all tree services and shrub maintenance. For a free quote, call us now!


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Every homeowner desires thriving and attractive gardens. However, if you want to have a lovely environment, you must nurture and maintain the bushes in your garden. Fertilization is a key aspect of nutrition. Because this procedure might take a long time to complete, we also provide yard cleanup services. It allows the plants to endure adverse weather conditions such as drought and hailstorms. Apart from that, it allows plants to endure insect infestations and illnesses. For further information, contact a tree surgeon.

Different fertilizers are sprayed to different areas of the bushes at different times of the year. The first stage in our fertilization strategy is to determine which bushes require minerals and nutrients. We measure the soil acidity and examine the soil where the bushes are planted. We also look at the health of the bushes, as well as their age. We prepare a specific fertilization plan for the shrubs after a thorough inspection, including the proper fertilizers and soil additives. The type of fertilizer, the amount, and the application techniques must all be considered. Please see the following link for further information about our tree surgeon process.

Following that, you must learn about management and illness prevention measures. This covers when and how the plants should be watered. Knowing how to use mulch and other water retention techniques will help you save water while still providing enough moisture to your plants. Do you know how to prune or trim your trees and when to do so? What are some of the items you’ll require for these activities? When is it time to cut down a tree? Overall, understanding how to maintain trees healthy at all phases of development is critical. This kind of thinking must lead us to be the finest tree service and Tree Removal Wheaton has to offer.



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