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If you live in Wheaton, you are well aware of the importance of tree removal. Most homeowners desire magnificent trees that give shade, provide healthy fruits, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of their properties, among other things. Remember, we also provide tree services. If you are not cautious, tree removal can be dangerous and expensive. That’s why we have a team of professionals on hand to make sure you don’t wind up with serious injuries or property damage.

Don’t just wait around. Those hazardous trees that can do more harm than good should be avoided. Do your trees have any structural issues? Are they alive or dead? Whatever the case may be, our highly trained crew can handle the removal. Don’t let risky trees endanger your yard, structure, vegetation, or even you and your pets. Our Wheaton tree removal staff is available at any time, so give us a call at (630)534-9202 and we’d be happy to assess your problem. If you require extra tree services, please do not hesitate to contact us as we always offer free estimates.

Our tree cutting and removal services are inextricably linked. Chainsaws are the most common instruments in our work circles. They assist in doing tasks swiftly and efficiently. Please be aware that we have members on standby to assist with the removal of the tree trunk. Other saws and axes are also used to speed up the removal procedure. Following the selection of the appropriate equipment, here’s a quick rundown of how the cutting process works. Branches and limbs are removed from the tree, and the trunk is chopped using the suitable saw. Because the cutting procedure is so important, we always include stump removal with our other tree services.

The girth of the tree, its length, and the equipment we have help determine how to remove a tree. Generally, we are careful during the cutting process. This is because parts of the tree may have decays or other types of defects. This may cause the tree to collapse unexpectedly during the cutting process. As a result, the people nearby may end up suffering from serious injuries and may even die. That’s why we do a comprehensive tree analysis and ensure the tree cutter wears the right gear while they are at work. Make sure to check out our tree trimming prices for more information about this service.


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Tree Felling Wheaton

Because we believe ourselves to be exceptional tree surgeons, the tree removal process is much easier for us. First, we look at a tree’s physical and biological characteristics. Following that, we examine the surrounding environment. Are there any structures or trees nearby? How can we get the tree down safely? If not, we’re ready to get started. First, we employ rigging techniques, which serve to increase output while reducing the danger of injury. Rigging entails dismantling portions of the tree with blocks, pulleys, and ropes until it is completely gone.

The next approach is tree falling, which is a simple process that entails removing the entire tree at once. For increased control and efficiency, utilize a chainsaw, tag line, and wedges. All employees must communicate with one another and keep a safe distance from where the tree is likely to fall during tree falling. During the removal process, the tree’s form, lean, size, and wind flow are all important factors. Please take a short glance at the page linked above for additional information on how we go about our tree felling and tree removal procedure.

After the tree is down, we must assess the surrounding area to verify that there is sufficient horizontal space. However, if there isn’t enough room, we’ll have to gently chop the tree into portions. If the tree is tiny, we cut it down in one piece, following the natural leaning orientation. If you ever require Tree Removal Wheaton, let us know since our arborists are all licensed, insured, and pleased to take care of any street maintenance, and we’ll be ready to go before you know it.



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